Jonathan Forrest

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"The Other Side of Colour"
Newzones, Calgary, AB
October 26 - November 16, 2019
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Paint over paint, pushing through, layer upon layer, trying to break through to the other side of colour. The paintings in this exhibition come from six months of studio search continuing the development of ideas started in 2018. These new works have a heightened colour, created by successive thin layers of dragged or pulled translucent paint. Rather than play off distinct colour areas against each other, the colour emerges out of the accumulations of layers. There’s a sense that the painting just came together with the last pass … that up until that point it was just the materials with no end in sight. Embracing the unknown, not having an end goal, letting the work talk to you and develop as it wants to, all of it exhilarating and scary at the same time. The paint accumulation, the space alluded to by the shifting overlapping edges, the mysterious atmosphere of the translucent paint. A confrontational blankness, a spreading of the image. All this comes together as a responsive approach to making paintings - responding to how the painting itself is being made, responding to the environment around you, and responding to the history of painting.




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