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"Restless Geometry"

Robert Christie, Laura Dutton, Jonathan Forrest, Robert Youds

a four person exhibition organized by Jonathan Forrest for Gallery Jones, Vancouver, BC

February 28 - March 30, 2019
Reception: Saturday, March 2 from 2-4pm
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Geometry is a strange idea to contemplate. How can something seemingly so rigid lead to freedom? How can a rectangle become personal? How can a line lead to the unknown? How can a circle speak poetry?  It's an engaging mystery to me even after all these years. Geometry is an area, a demarcation, a framework, where thoughts can wander, colour can bloom, and accidents can be embraced. And through a material play time in the studio it becomes something tangible and affecting. My colleagues in this show, Robert Christie, Laura Dutton, and Robert Youds, each in their own way, use their voices to engage with structure and process to capture a mercurial bit of magic.

Being personally interested in their work, I wanted to see what sort of visual conversation might be sparked when our artwork entered the same room and was installed side by side in the gallery space. What would talk to what and who to whom. After all, we are all artists who, however tenuously, use geometry and colour, but who come from quite different directions and media. I’ve known Robert Christie since the early 1980s, first studying from him at university and then enjoying a longtime dialogue with him through all the years since. I’ve been aware of Robert Youds’ works for decades and since moving to Vancouver Island five years ago I’ve had the opportunity to get to know him personally, adding to my appreciation and understanding of his work. Just as I was a student of Robert Christie, Laura Dutton is a former student of Robert Youds - who introduced me to her work. All a nice bit of symmetry that has come together to produce this exhibition.

Jonathan Forrest, January 2019


Robert Christie

Robert Youds


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