Jonathan Forrest

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a snapshot of thirty-five years and counting ...


1983, painted at the Canadian Linen Building studio and shown in a 2 person show at the U of S with Kim Houghtaling

"Shield", 1984, Acrylic on Canvas, 60" x 80" approx


1985, Emma Lake Artists Workshop


1987, 2nd Ave studio


1988 Studio shot


Selection of sculptures from 1989


1989, 2nd Ave studio


Installation shot of MFA exhibition at Uof S, 1990


1991 2nd Ave studio


large scale painting from1993


1995 studio shot, Saskatoon


1997 "Canadian Linen Building" studio


1998 exhibition at Vanderleelie Gallery, Edmonton


1998Tees & Pierce Building studio


1999, Tees & Pierce Building studio


2000, Emma Lake Artists Workshop


installation shot of "Materialism 2" at the Swift Current Art Gallery, April 2001


installation shot of "Materialism 2" at the Swift Current Art Gallery, April 2001



Selection of paintings from 2002


Triangle Artists Workshop, Brooklyn, 2002

2003, Adelaide Street studio


"Clogs", fundraiser for the Edmonton Symphony, Vanderleelie Gallery, AB, 2003


Exhibition at Art Placement, Saskatoon, 2004.


Exhibition at Art Placement, Saskatoon, 2004.


"Spell", Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, 2005. (Forrest on left, Clay Ellis middle, and Ric Evans on right)


2006, Adelaide Street studio


2006 “Abstraction”,(group show featuring works by Jordan Broadworth, Francisco Castro, Cora Cluett, Karin Davie, Jonathan Forrest, Ilse Gradwohl, Elizabeth McIntosh, Ruben Ortiz Torres, Irma Palacios, Elspeth Pratt, Laura St Pierre), Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, ON.


2007, "Church" studio


"Power Play", Michael Gibson Gallery, 2009


2009, Emma Lake Artists Workshop


2010 "Church" studio


2011 "Church" studio


2012 "Church" studio


2013 "Church" studio


2013 "Vancouver Island" studio


2014 "Vancouver Island" studio


2014, "Church" studio


Church studio summer 2015


Church studio summer 2016


Church studio, summer 2017


Church studio, summer 2018